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2006 End-of-the-Year Report from Guanyinan Farmers’ Organization

Time:2007-01-30 10:52:44From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Jenni Click:

Guanyinan Farmers’ Organization was established on July 24, 2006. Our organization on September 15, 2006 has operated 15 tons of fertilizer with prices lowered by 2 RMB compared to local prices. This gave our villagers 58000 RMB and compliments from them.

Credit Conditions: In September, our village gave out 12590 RMB to buy fertilizer for our farmers; in October,  6000 RMB; in November, 10000 RMB; and, in December, 18000 RMB. In 2006, we gave out 45000 RMB with a 100% recovery rate.

We had 6 villager-organized activities with a total of 170 participants. The activities and the village party both pointed out the direction in which the organization must go toward. They also selected 5 advanced people.

These activities praise people who have done good things, gave education to those who are less literate, and play a role in building up the organization.

Goals for 2007:

I.                    Promote more active learning and training on techniques, such as tilling and breeding, for villagers.

II.                  Business: In regards to 2007 farming industry, buy fertilizer at the lowest cost and send them to the villagers. This way we can solve the problem of not having enough labor to purchase and transport the fertilizer.

III.                Get ready to breed pigs.

IV.                Prepare to buy grain under the right conditions.

V.                  About credit, we will give benefits to those who repay on time with the right amounts. To those who do not, we will promptly go to them to urge repayment. To those who have surpass the repayment date, the interest rate will rise to 50%.

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