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2006 End-of-the-Year Work Report from Huzui Farmers’ Organization

Time:2007-01-30 10:53:27From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Jenni Click:

Greetings to all investors and village comrades:

Today is the end-of-the-year meeting for Huzui Farmers’ Organization in Jincheng Town of Yilong County. We welcome ARDY’s Gao XiangJun, Wang YingFu, Cao DaiYong, etc. and the Town Party Committee Secretary, Town Mayor Luo Ming, and all leaders of the Committee. ARDY has provided an entertainment team and a yanko performance. We also have provided our own activities including cutting paper.

In our nation, farmers’ organizations have sprouted like mushrooms after a rain shower. Now there are thousands of non-governmental organizations all over the nation. This kind of road is one that China need to walk through. With the support from all levels of party committees and governments, our comrades risk bitter cold and overcome storms to raise awareness of the masses. They enthusiastically convince people to become shareholders. The whole village has 52 households with shares, 19 households with government-funded shares, a total of 72 shares, and a fund of 81000 RMB.

The Central Committee and State Council are really brilliant. On October 31st, President Hu JinTao signed No. 437 presidential decree “Method for Farmers’ Organizations,” allowing our organization to be legitimate. With this degree enacted, it gave our director aspiration and all our shareholders confidence. Any other organizations or individuals can no longer violate our rights and interests. Our staff members are all now “legitimate representatives.”

In May, our Huzui Village used our funds of 81000 RMB to conduct a short-term microfinance for farmers who lack the money to expand their businesses. In June, to develop production, we sold our fertilizer. In July, we lowered the costs to produce rabbits by launching processed rabbit feed. The following will give specifics:

1.       Short-term Microfinance: At the end of December, there has been 29 household borrowers, 34 loans given out, a total loan amount of 76100 RMB, a loan recovery of 26100 RMB, and an interest recovered of 1087.1 RMB. There are 27 households and 31 loans that are effective (repayments have been on time).

2.       Fertilizer Distribution Business: About 25.5 tons of fertilizer was purchased for 19405.5 RMB. 1158935 RMB have been recovered. There is still 13.5 tons of fertilizer left in storage. Profit was only 1157.3 RMB.

3.       Lowering Costs of Rabbits: Repaid

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