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2006 End-of-the-Year Report from Xijiao Village

Time:2007-01-30 10:54:26From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Jenni Click:

Xijiao Farmers’ Organization was established on October 10, 2006 with the care of ARDY’s leader, the help from the village leader, and the diligence of staff members. The organization began running in November and gave out microfinance loans worth 53300 RMB by the end of December. The interest income was 298 RMB with a 100% recovery rate.

In just two months, we already set up high standards for the organization even though we did not have substantial results. With the trainings twice a month and the accumulation of experience, we lowered the quarrels and bickering with the farmers by 80%. This tremendously aided our ability to develop the economics, culture, and infrastructure of these farms. These achievements are inseparable from ARDY’s Secretary General Gao, Director Cao, and two village members.

In the near future, we will help the villagers and the public with chemical fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, animal feed, and pig markets. We hope to bring about more benefits to them. We look forward for the evaluation of our coming year’s end-of-the-year reports from the superiors.

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