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China Association for NGO Cooperation Fully Supports Farmers Affected by Natural Disasters in Yilong

Time:2008-06-15 22:41:40From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Li Xu Click:

Yilong County in Sichuan Province was seriously affected by the 5.12 WenChuan Earthquake. Tens of thousands of houses toppled down and became designated as dangerous to live in, creating an economic loss of 2 to 3 billion RMB. After the disaster, ARDY went to the households of 16 farmer organizations to investigate from May 13th to 15th. ARDY then reported to the China Association for NGO Cooperation. After the China Association for NGO Cooperation learned about the results of the disaster, they immediately notified and supported ARDY in helping the farmers pass through the difficulty. On June 4th, the two parties signed a contract for the China Association for NGO Cooperation to donate 104,640 RMB to ARDY. Part of that money will be used to rebuild the homes of some of these farmers. Recently, staff members have went to the villages and planned out the rebuilding project. This project is still being carried out.

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