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Chengdu Branch of Heifer Project International Strongly Supports Liaoyuan and Huiming of Yilong County

Time:2008-06-15 22:40:10From: Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Liu Y Click:

June 6th, 2008, Director Liu ShaoFang and Miss Xu XiaoYan from Chengdu Branch of Heifer Project International (HPI) along with ARDY’s Secretary General Gao XiangJun went to Liaoyuan and Huiming to investigate the results of their project and the conditions after the 5.12 earthquake.  After inspecting, they were pleased with the implemented project and showed sympathy for the disaster’s victims. On the same day, they signed a contract, “Wenchuan ‘5.12’ Special Earthquake Relief Project Agreement," to donate 56,000 RMB. The money will go to the two areas to help the farmers resume production, rebuild houses, and encourage development. Recently, three staff members from the Development Department went to the two areas and worked with the village committee cadres to construct a structured plan. They hired technicians to immediately begin the rebuilding of damaged homes and began guiding the development of the project.

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