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Management of Loan Portfolio

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I.                    Scope of Loan Portfolio

The following information should be collected for the loan portfolio: the reports from the villages and communities under branch management; customers’ loan applications, verification information, contracts, letters of approval, repayment schedules, and customers’ credit ratings; customers’ ID cards, residence information, etc.

II.                  Customers’ File Numbers
The branches will prepare 4-digit numbers for all customers’ based on the customers’ profiles and their date of admission to the association. A group number will be established by the village or the community. The group number will be used to file the profile into the correct place, which will then be entered into the headquarters’ software along with any further loan by the customers.

III.                Methods for the Transfer and Retention of Loan Portfolios

a.       Once the customer’s portfolio has been collected, organized, and numbered, it must immediately enter the file.

b.      Any new portfolio information must either be faxed by the head of the branch or sent personally by a branch staff member to the headquarters for daily entry into the software. Only after entry will the portfolio be sent back to the branches.

c.       At the end of every month, staff members must hand the loan portfolios to the treasurer, who will be in charge of them.

d.      Any financial information will be retained in the Finance Department in order to have a complete file.

e.      The Headquarters will keep copies of the loan approval letters from the branches.

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