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Requirements for Managing Credit Information

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I.                    The Flow and Content of Information Transmitted


The directors of the branches are responsible to report two types of management information (credit and financial affairs) and the loan schedule for the next three days before the end of each day. Specifics to be included for the management information: names of customers that day, loan amounts, names of customers that repaid loans, and interest amounts. Specifics to be included for the loan schedule: names of customers that will be given loans and their applications. The information received by the headquarters the

next morning must all be entered into the computer.


II.                  The Input, Analysis, and Monitoring of Management Information

After receiving information from the branches, the staff members in the headquarters must enter the information into the computer in a timely manner no later than noon of that day. Once the data has been entered, the staff members will report to the Secretary General and conduct targeted or random checks on the information.

Staff members will also conduct analysis of the loan schedules for the next three days of each branch. They will compare the loan schedules with loans already given out and original plans for any errors. The loans given out by the branches will be reported to the Secretary General where the organization will check if these loans are approved and if they are credible.


III.                Requirements for Monthly Reports

Three days before the end of each month, the directors of the branches are responsible to send the credit, loan quality, and risk control reports from that month to the headquarters. The Finance Department will analyze the reports every month and turn in an analysis before the 8th of each month.

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