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Model for the Functions of Network Organizations and Financial Services

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Share-holding Supervision/ Surplus & Deficiency Regulation
ARDY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Branches

Share-holding Supervision/ Surplus & Deficiency Regulation
ARDY  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Village Funds

      Two-way interaction
Branches  ------------------------------- Village Funds

 Association for Rural Development in Yilong – Association involved in establishing village funds; providing financial control, service and training; supporting village collaboration activities; regulating village funds and surplus/deficiency;  and managing community banks by day-to-day supervision, support, training and funds for surplus and deficiency.
Branches – steadily developing into community banks that are able to monitor their own risk. Their goal is to provide service to determined customers, making loans available to them. 
Village Funds – Funds owned and managed by the villagers. These funds offer production, living, and many other loans. The business accounting for them is separate. They are mainly to be loans given to the poor.

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