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Introduction to ARDY

Time:2009-04-24 20:30:14From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Jenni Click:

ARDY was registered in the County’s Civil Affairs Bureau in March 1996 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO). Its purpose is to be a people-oriented organization that alleviates rural poverty through sustainable development. Its main areas of activity are forming farmers organizations; providing micro-credit services; increasing the participation from the weak, the poor, and rural women; building community’s capacity; and promoting sustainable rural development. The association at present has 23 employees, 3 departments, and 7 branches.

Under the help of international organizations and the local government, the Association’s main job since its establishment 13 years ago is to persist in finding effective methods for rural development and microfinance starting on the most basic level, in the farms, and at the frontline. Through years of practice and exploration, we have successfully integrated microfinance services with sustainable development of rural society. For the development of low-income groups, we have established a sustainable financial business model and used funds to help poor farmers to set up coalitions that are operated effectively.

The financial business model has provided nearly a billion RMB of microfinance loans that require  no mortgage to the poor, directly aiding the development of almost 150,000 poor households. Furthermore, we have supported 16 villages in poverty to build self-managed farmer coalitions (村互助基金) in order to join the farmers for a common cause.


At the same time, the Association’s ability to self-manage continues to be improved, progressively perfecting our self-operating mechanism. Thus, we have successfully achieved independence when promoting rural poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Our achievements have been so notable that the farmers have given us their complete trust and participate fully in the association. We have received governmental, national, and international recognition and support. The association’s operation and system have been recommended by the government as well as society.


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