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ARDY Helps Families in Poverty to Lead Well-to-Do Lives

Time:2009-05-15 14:27:13From:ARDY Writer:Li ShiBin (Translated by Jenni Click:

Wen XingRong is the wife of Luo WenZhi, who is the Party Branch Secretary at Gaoyang Village, Biquan County. She is extolled by the villagers for being the first to pursue a better, wealthier life.

 In 1990’s,Wen XingRong was a capable housewife, a good worker both inside and outside the house, and her husband was the Secretary of the Party Branch. The relationship between the two was very good. However, they were very poor. The inheritance from their ancestors was scanty, and their children often got sick. Although they owned several thatched cottages, the roofs were in such bad condition that they could see the stars in these houses. Even the two iron pans used for cooking were so old that Wen XingRong was always scared to accidently put holes into them. Her husband could not leave the village to look for a job outside because of his current position; her frail children suffered and needed care; and she could not leave them by themselves. She was very worried. What could she do?

When she was at a loss on what to do, the branch of ARDY in Biquan county was established. It was like a new hope that spread over the county, placing hope in XingRong’s heart.

In June 1999, Wen XingRong and her husband received a loan of 1,000 RMB from the local branch of ARDY to run a store. In addition, Luo WenZhi utilized the opportunities when he attended meetings to buy new stocks of goods for the store. On one hand, Wen XingRong managed production and on the other marketing. She worked hard and was always enthusiastic toward the customers. Her business grew, allowing them to pay back the entire loan in the same year.

In the spring of 2001, they asked for another loan of 2,000 RMB to run a drugstore, making their business even better. Furthermore, as the children grew up gradually, their states of health became better. At the end of 2001, the family of five had an income exceeding 2000 RMB.

As the saying goes, “In order to win big, one has to gamble big.” In the spring of 2003, with the branch’s help, Wen XingRong was granted 3,000 RMB. They spent it digging 2 mini ponds to store water and breed fish. In the end of the year, they owned fish, weighing 2,500 kg from the ponds. With only fish, they earned more than 10,000 RMB. Because of their diligence and thrifty lifestyle, they deposited most of their money to give their children a worthy inheritance. In the spring of 2005, they renovated their houses and constructed a 2-story building of 130 meters squared. They forever bid farewell to their past days of poverty

With ARDY’s help, Wen XingRong became wealthier, but she didn't stop. In 2006, she became the first to raise 50 rabbits. By the spring of this year, she added 30 rabbits for breeding. Now she had sold more than 200 marketable rabbits to earn 6,000 RMB.

Through this entire process, Wen XingRong not only forged her own path, but also helped along the others in poverty. From the day when she joined us, she was not only customer, but also a microfinance director. During a 10-day training, she visited many villagers where she learned (learn about women’s health, how to grow vegetables/fruits, and raise poultry) as well as practiced microfinance. She also encouraged the women around her to become independent and supported her husband to lead other poor families to seek help from ARDY. Finally, with ARDY’s help, villagers Tu XingYin, Zhen BangGui, Nie XiaoHua, Zhong JunYin and others shook off poverty and build up a fortune through breeding fish and raising rabbits. Under their influence, 23 households started breeding fish and 30 households raising rabbits. The good fortune for this village seemed to be endless.

Although she got rich, Wen XingRong never forgot ARDY and never forgot her poor villagers. With her drugstore, Wen XingRong was able to provide free medicines to the Luo Guomo, Tu XingRong, etc. She also presented breeding rabbits to villagers Chen Taiyun, Zhong Junying, etc.

 Most unforgettably, in the fall of 2005, when the Gaoyang Village’s elementary school building became unsafe due to lack of renovations and classes were suspended, Wen XingRong and her husband offered their new house as a temporary classroom for the students. Furthermore, they extended their home to make a bathroom. The act deeply moved all the people in the village.

Again, in August 2005, Wen XingRong and her husband decided to undertake all the funeral arrangements for villager Luo WenGang, who suddenly passed away. Luo WenGang had no wife or child, only an 80-year-old father. Wen XingRong’s husband personally went to Rixing town to buy a coffin and organized the funeral. They also looked after Luo WenGang’s father as if he was their own.

Wen XinRong was not only an outstanding customer and a diligent worker, but also a kind woman who cared about villagers in poverty and a leader who guided people to set up a civilized and harmonious society.

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