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Fuxin Branch Holds 2007 Shareholder Meeting

Time:2008-01-28 14:22:45From:ARDY Writer:Webmaster (Translated by Jenni Click:

January 25, 2008, Fuxin Branch’s shareholder representative held the 2007 annual shareholder meeting in Fuxin Town. Some schools and individual industries also participated in this meeting. During the meeting, Director of Fuxin Branch Deng HuiMing reported the 2007 microfinance earnings, accounts, and dividends to shareholders. Then Secretary General Gao XingJun explained to the staff members about the status of the rural financial situation and promoted some ideas about managing mutual funds. Afterwards, she asked for the opinions and suggestions from the participants. Shareholders were pleased with the results and models of Fuxin Branch. They believed that they have seen practical results and have full confidence in the future development of microfinance. Thus, they were willing to further promote microfinance and publicize ARDY.                                                          

(Translated by Jennifer Yau)

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