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The rural cooperative of Dafeng Township, Dengbao Village convenes for 2009 annual review & elections

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On the 12th of January in 2010, under the guidance of the Association for the Rural Development of Yilong County, the rural cooperative of Dafeng Township, Dengbao Village convened a full-member rural cooperative meeting in the village school. The meeting summarized the operations and organization of the rural cooperative in 2009. Also, according to the regulations, the members convened the elections to elect the management team for the new term. Director Cao Daiyong of the Development Promotion Department of The Association for the Rural Development of Yilong County and the village council leader provided guidance.

Secretary Sun Yujun of the village party branch presided over the meeting, while the rural cooperative director, Zheng Yuanming, executed a review and summary of the establishment of the rural cooperative operations throughout the past three years from 2006 to 2009. The rural cooperative accountant, Sun Xiren, announced the financial and bonus situation for 2009. The rural cooperative bookkeeper, Zhao Dingchun, provided shareholders with the bonus dividend for the year.

In 2009, the above-mentioned rural cooperative provided the rural households in the village with 38 loans, cumulatively extending credit of 276,900 yuan. The rural cooperative also organized a joint purchase of 600 kilograms of maize seed, 750 kg of quality rice and 60 tons of fertilizer. The organized purchasing activity reduced the production costs and the intensity of physical labor, saving close to 10,000 yuan in production funds. For every share of the investments, a dividend of 85 yuan was generated.         

Since the establishment of the above-mentioned rural cooperative three years ago, the number of member households has increased from 86 to 116, the mutual fund has grown from 88,000 to 110,000 yuan, and the rural cooperative has cumulatively provided the rural households in the village with 218 loans—registering a total value of 1.189 million yuan. This helped the above-mentioned village live and produce, and also helped the troubled, earth-quake effected sections solve the issue of temporary use of funds.

At the same time, with the support of the government and the effective organization of the rural cooperative, they repaired 14 kilometers of the village mud and stone public road. Also, they developed more than 400 fields of excellent quality rice and more than 3000 pigs. Cumulatively over the past three years, the investing members received a 310 yuan dividend for each share they owned.    

Director Cao Daiyong of the association’s Development Promotion department and Secretary Sun Yujun of the village party branch jointly organized the activities for the rural cooperative elections:            

 First, they organized all the rural cooperative members to execute revisions of the rural cooperative rules and regulations. Out of the organized elections, they produced rural cooperative managers for the new term. By unanimous vote, the previous managers served a consecutive term.  

Second, Director Cao and Secretary Sun explained the Heifer International Project to the above-mentioned rural cooperative members and provided them with training.

Third, the new rural cooperative supervisors organized discussion and passed the 2010 rural cooperative work plan.

Fourth, the local government officials affirmed the efforts of the rural cooperative throughout the past three years and expressed their hopes for its future work.  With warm applause, all the members congratulated the general assembly for a satisfactory success.    






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