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Association staff and volunteers go to Bazhong to learn

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In 2010, from the 16th to the 17th of January, under the leadership of Secretary-General Gao Xiangjun and Vice Secretary-General Li Shibing at the Association for the Rural Development of Yilong County, the You Change volunteers of the Yilong post and the You Change volunteers of the Bazhong post all went to the Bazhong-Yanyang historical museum and the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Base Museum to visit and learn. Soon after, on the 19th floor of the Bazhong City government, training was conducted in the You Change poverty alleviation volunteers’ office.


The details of the discussion include: discussion-provoking thoughts following the visit, an introduction to the association’s establishment and development process and an explanation of the basics of microfinance. 


During the training session, the Secretary-General focused mainly on the ten tenets of Yan Yangchu’s rural reform theory. From different levels, integrating real life, she analyzed the profound significance of Yan Yangchu’s theory. The theory is about the four main problems inherent in Chinese rural society at the beginning of the twentieth- century: foolishness, poverty, weakness and selfishness. Yan Yangchu’s theory also concerns the gradual elimination of poverty, based on the appropriate adoption of the four major elements of education. These elements are culture, livelihood, sanitation and civic responsibility. We are able to put Yan Yangchu’s theory to use, as it relates to the current situation of China’s rural society.


In vivid details, she describes the painstaking process of establishing the association and its current development situation. She also introduces her cumulative experience gained through the process of exploring village community poverty alleviation finance and village level poverty alleviation rural cooperatives. The Vice Secretary-General Li Shibing explained the significance, goal and guiding principles of microfinance to the meeting participants. Then he presented the “employee spirit” DVD.


Through two days of learning, the above mentioned activities enhanced the participants’ sense of patriotism, inspiring a spirit of dedication. All staff and volunteers, having strengthened their roots in the countryside, are determined to serve there.

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