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ARDY invites financial experts to help build the client family financial system

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                In order to educate the villagers more effectively on family financial planning, and develop a client family financial system, ARDY invited financial experts from RIPRO to help with the family financial system. This client family financial system will be used by clients to gradually learn about effective financial planning and accounting

               At the invitation of ARDY, RIPRO’s chairman Lin Ming En and her colleagues came to the association for 3 days (from the 26th of February to the 3rd of March) to help design the client family financial and accounting system, as well as to develop a method for collecting information on the villagers’ income situation. The financial experts also conducted a three-day training course in basic finance for ARDY’s staff and volunteers.



Training at ARDY’s headquarters


ARDY’s staff immersed in a financial education game activity

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