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Commencement of the 2009 Jet Li One Foundation Model Project awarded to ARDY

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                The 2009 Jet Li One Foundation Model Project (rural mutual financial system and rural cooperative establishment) awarded to ARDY officially commenced on the 25th of March in 2010 at Yilong County, Dingziqiao Town.

Over 130 people, including local officials from Dingziqiao Town and member representatives from the Communist Party, attended the training session for the project commencement. ARDY’s Secretary-General Gao Xiangjun provided an introduction on the Yilong Project supported by the Jet Li One Foundation. She then initiated the training session for the day and elaborated on the bottleneck issues of rural development. These bottleneck issues appeared as a consequence of China’s social and economic transition.                              

The project would help to organize and lead the rural households in solving the bottleneck issues, enabling them to create a sustainable model to adapt to the market economy development. She further expounded on the project’s organizational framework and the concepts and tenets pertaining to a mutual cooperative. In addition, Gao Xiangjun drew relevant comparisons to the operational model of Taiwanese rural cooperatives.                          

The training aimed to equip the relevant project participants and local officials with a better understanding of the importance of a rural mutual financial system in advancing rural development. The training allowed them to understand that the development path of the rural households in the market economy lies in a combined effort, simultaneously serving to raise their awareness of the Jet Li One Foundation. 


Commencement of the project training session at Dingziqiao Town by ARDY


      Participants in the training session by ARDY's Secretary-General

ARDY's Secretary-General expounding on how to lead rural households in solving the development bottleneck issues

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