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ARDY organizes a study trip to Dayi for the animals-rearing villagers in the township project

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In 2010, from April 24th to the 26th, in order to help the development of rabbit –rearing industry in Ding Zhii Qiao town, Yilong county, ARDY organized  the town and village officials from Ding Zhii Qiao town  and more than thirty rabbit raising farmers  in going to the Dayi County Xuping rabbit training base to visit and study. Zhang Shuping, director of the Xuping rabbit production training base, introduced her rural organization and the current development situation of its rabbit-rearing industry.

Through training, they realized how to achieve a healthy balance between feeding and environmental protection. The focus was on how to control the breeding costs, improve quality and variety of rabbits, feeding techniques and prevention and cure of rabbit disease. The training also focused on how to promote the rural economic development model based on the “grass + rabbit+ methane gas” cycle, and the mutually reciprocal Badi grass model.

Afterwards, the staff went to the rabbit production cultivation base to visit and study. Through the above-mentioned training, everybody has gained confidence in developing the rabbit industry and clarified the direction and method of rabbit production. 


        Teacher Zhang Shuping introduces the situation of her rabbit industry development


        Learning staff visit Xuping’s improved type of rabbit production grounds


       Teacher Zhang introduces new feed technologies


      Visiting the rabbit feed processing rural households

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