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Director Zhang SiZhi Retires

Time:2009-05-24 09:12:10From:ARDY Writer:Rao Bo (Translated by Jennifer Click:

On May 21st, under the accompany of Yu Yin, who is the Chief and Event Director of the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Party Committee bureau Assistant Commissioner Shi Ke, Assistant Director He Ping Yun, Section Officer Xiong Jing Song visited Yilong County. For the Provincial Party Committee, Association director Zhang Si Zhi chose through public appraisal a representative to begin the inspection. The inspection meeting took place in a conference room on the second floor of the administration office. Minister Jia Huai Ping as a member  of standing Committee overlooked the meeting. Representing the Provincial Party Committee at the county level were Director Zhang Si Zhi, Li You Dou, Li Chuan Yuan (former Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee or CPPCC), Guo Li Qiu (former Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission), Li Wen Jiao (former vice-chairman of CPPCC), and Ding Peng Zhou (former Assistant Direction of the National People’s Congress). In addition, National People's Congress Assistant Director Luo Zhong Shou as well as related people of National People’s Congress, Provincial Party Committee, and County Village Development Association also participated.

The conference began with Assistant Commissioner Shi Ke putting forward requests on the related issues. Then Deputy Minister  Xian Ming Qiang introduced the deeds of Comrade Zhang Si Zhi. Afterwards, Assistant Director Luo Zhong Shou and Vice Secretary General Li Shi Bin of ARDY described in full detail the impressive accomplishments of Zhang Si Zhi in the workplace.

Finally, Shi Ke gave a list of eight compliments to Zhang Si Zhi’s achievements:  (1) committed to eradicating poverty with innovative methods; (2) devoted to common people; (3) used resources efficiently while producing great results; (4) was open-minded and loving; (5) worked hard and wrote down history; (6) became a model for others to follow; (7) was strong-willed virtuous; (8) was always caring and giving.

Deputy Director of the County’s History returned back to the province and immediately sent the deeds of Zhang Si Zhi to the newspaper authorities for a collective decision.

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