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nspection from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Time:2009-05-26 15:35:20From:ARDY Writer:Rao Bo (Translated by Jennifer Click:

On May 19th through May 21st, Teacher Zhang Hong from the Rural Development Institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences led the Director Zhou Xue Ren and Ms. Di Xiao Ying from Hebei Province to come to ARDY and learn about the organization’s management and mechanism. Secretary General Gao Xiang Jun and Development Chair Cao Dai Yong met with them.

Secretary General Gao introduced Yilong’s 16 microfinance centers’ structures, management, and mechanism conditions. The group also went to the following centers for further inspection: ZhangYeMiao Village, DengBao Village, and ZhouHeFen Village. The guests fully understood the workings of the organization.

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