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Visit from the State Department for the Poor and Chief Cao HongMin

Time:2009-06-16 18:20:25From:ARDY Writer:Li ShiBin (Translated by Jenni Click:

On June 5, 2009, ARDY worked with the State Department for the Poor and Chief Cao Hong Min, who is accompanied by Director Chen Zhi, Xiao Guang, and others. They came to Yilong to support ARDY’s mechanism and learn more about it. ARDY’s Director Zhang Si Zhi, Secretary General Gao Xiang Jun, and various departments attended the conference wit them to discuss about ARDY’s mechanism.

Secretary General Gao introduced ARDY’s structure, maintenance, growth, and results since 2005.She also commented on the structure’s faults and areas that needed improvement, which furthered the discussion. After the discussion, Chief Cao HongMing felt confident about ARDY’s structure.


Chief Cao came to Yilong’s first association dedicated to the poor along with Yilong’s supporting organization at Kunshancun, the department’s coordinators, and representatives. After understanding ARDY’s mechanism and conditions over these past years, Chief Cao put forward higher expectations. He recommended ARDY to improve the foundations for the system by lowering credit risk, increasing growth, raising donation amounts, developing better cooperation within the finance department, and working on the groundwork for the managing system.

Finally, Director Zhang Si Zhi thanked Chief Cao’s recommendations and promised to pursue the goals in the future, hoping to gain better results.

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