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Inspection from Hong Kong’s RIPRO

Time:2009-07-03 17:45:57From: Writer:(Translated by Jennifer Yau) Click:

June 25th-26th, Hong Kong representatives from RIPRO (Rural Impact Professionals) Tammy Lin, Shi HuiZhen, and Liang JingCheng with volunteers Jian YingYi and Zhong WeiXin came to ARDY for the second time for inspection. RIPRO is an expert financial organization dedicated to improving financial management of public organizations.

June 26th, Tammy Lin with her group accompanied Secretary General Gao XiangJun and Development Director Cao DaiYong to attend a farmer’s meeting. They also went to the ShuangHe branch and personally visited some of ARDY’s customers there to better understand the organization.

After a full-day outing, Tammy Lin and her group began to discuss future cooperation and introduced a new management system, specially made for ARDY. They will provide relevant training and guidance for ARDY’s present problems with financial affairs, marketing strategies, and IT technology.

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