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Zhang Sheng from Wokai Came to ARDY to Inspect and Provide Guidance

Time:2009-07-03 17:48:12From: Writer:(Translated by Jennifer Yau) Click:

June 24th-28th, Wokai’s Director of Field Operations Zhang Sheng with U.S. financial experts Fulton Breen and Cindy Yu came to ARDY to introduce the internationally used microfinance statement (Small Enterprise Education and Promotion; SEEP) and the T-template.  The staff members from the various departments and branches participated in the training. Hopefully, ARDY’s finances and international associations will benefit in result.


June 26th-28th, Zhang Sheng conducted further microfinance training by personally visiting the farmers. During his visit, he also inspected the work in the ZhouHe Branch of ARDY.

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