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American University Student Volunteers at ARDY for the Summer

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This year, from July until August, as part of the University of the Pacific Global Center Ambassador Corps Program, Jennifer Yau (姚小婕) volunteered at ARDY and assisted with the organization's work. The Global Center Ambassador Corps Program is a program that seeks to assist and support societal enterprises and development work, providing international NGOs with short term volunteers.

ARDY hopes that this sort of international exchange will occur regularly, as the greatest continuous obstacle to exchanges with the international community is the language barrier. During the 50 plus days that Jennifer volunteered, and thanks to her hard work and help, ARDY was able to translate many years of documents and internet pages from Chinese to English. The organization was even able to shut down the ten-year old English webpage and establish a new one, using the translated content. Jennifer truly assisted ARDY in advancing its mission of poverty alleviation for the rural community. ARDY believes that this was an excellent partnership-- the organization's only regret is that 50 days was too little time!

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