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The State Poverty Alleviation Office Visited ARDY to Conduct an Investigation

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On July 11th, The State Poverty Alleviation Organization's Dr. Li Hai Jin and seven other members involved in investigations came to Yilong to examine the mutual assistance poverty alleviation methods and to investigate the current status. ARDY's Secretary General, Gao Xiang Jun introduced the visitors to the Yilong model and the background information, the principles, core values, and the activities of the past three years. All of the ARDY staff members attended this meeting and in the end, all of the questions related to the investigation that were raised were fully answered.

July 12th to 13th, the Head of the Development Extension Division Cao Dai Yong went to visit the Zhang Ye Miao mutual assistance poverty relief organization to conduct interviews and distribute questionnaires as part of an investigation.

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