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Hong Kong Advisor visits ARDY for an Inspection

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On June 25th and 26th, Hong Kong Special Representatives and Advisors Lin Ming En (林铭恩), Dan Hui Zhen (石慧珍), and Liang Jing Cheng (梁敬成) together with volunteers Jian Ying Yi (简颖仪) and Zhong Wei Xin (钟炜欣) visited ARDY. It was the second visit that these five individuals have made as part of their inspection of the organization. Wei Pu (为普), the division from which these Special Representatives and Advisors hail, is dedicated to using their specialized knowledge of finance to aid commonwealth organizations to improve their management skills and capacity.

On June 26th, Mrs. Lin accompanied ARDY's Secretary-General Gao Xiang Jun (高向军) and Head of Development Cao Dai Yong (曹代勇) to Wan Xing (万兴) village to attend a monthly poverty relief meeting and exercise for members. At noon, they went to the Shuang He (双河) branch to discuss the current state of microfinance operations and administration. This informal discussion deeply impacted ARDY's rural customers.

After a day of site-investigations, Mrs. Lin helped ARDY with its ongoing process of changing the existing information system, drawing upon her abundant knowledge of the topic. ARDY is now facing a series of interrelated challenges, including how best to package the organization for publicity and how to conduct IT technology training and instruction.

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