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Jet Li's One Foundation Evaluative Committee Visits ARDY

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  On September 9th and 10th, Project Manager Yao Xi and Financial Manager Zeng Min from Jet Li's One Foundation in Chengdu visited ARDY. They were kindly joined by a volunteer financial auditor, Li Jing, and a volunteer from Heifer International China, Lu Longju. This visit was part of the ongoing evaluations related to the One Foundation's Philanthropy awards. As part of their efforts, people in all posts within the organization were interviewed, especially Secretary-General Gao XiangJun. In particular, she discussed the organization's developmental philosophy and its operational model, as well as giving the details of the organization's history. The visitors were also taken to a few of ARDY's branches, including Zhou He, Fu Xing, and Da Yin in order to gain a better understanding of the ARDY's model for poverty alleviation through mutual assistance. The visit also facilitated informal discussions with clients and branch employees and allowed them to inspect the full slate of services that ARDY currently offers to clients.
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