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Professor Du Xiao Shan visits ARDY to Inspect and Offer Guidance About the Work of the Organization

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  On September 23rd and 24th, Deputy Secretary-General Wang and Professor Du Xiao Shan from the China Association of Microfinance visited ARDY to inspect and guide the work of the organization. Secretary-General Gao, who has held that position since 1996 when the organization was founded, has learned much about the successes and failures of the organization from exchanges with representatives from the China Association of Microfinance. As part of this meeting, Secretary-General Gao presented a report about the organization's work to establish, run, and strengthen its mutual fund groups. These types of meetings clearly indicate that development can greatly benefit from the improvement and strengthening of exchange and discussion.

On September 24th, Deputy Secretary-General Li Shi Bing and Chief Development Officer Cao Dai Yong accompanied the visitors to ARDY's Zhou He branch. Here, in the surrounding village of Da Miao, they conducted field visits and interviewed farmers at length. Following these discussions, Professor Du fully recognized ARDY's ability to spur development for rural people and that his hope for ARDY matched the organization's own desires; namely, to advance to even higher levels of success. The comments and feedback from the China Association of Microfinance on both models of development, the typical microfinance model and that of the mutual funds, were constructive and welcomed.

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