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Liao Yuan Village Group Successfully Participates in Heifer International's Passing On The Gift Ceremony

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  For ARDY's Development Extension division and the entire organization, the October 31st Heifer International “passing on the gift” ceremony at Liao Yuan village was an important event; it marked the second time ARDY has been involved in such ceremonies. The ceremony's major activities are as follows: 1. The Liao Yuan village Heifer International group sang and danced to their hearts content to celebrate “passing on the gift” and the development activities, 2. The participating households received certificates celebrating the “passing on of the gift,” 3. The actual ceremony was held, 4. The rural households were presented with basic financial and sanitation training.

There were 65 attendees at the activities, of whom 42 were women, accounting for 64% of the participants. Fifteen households were selected to be the recipients of the gifts and they were transferred 18,300 RMB (or roughly USD$2700) for the purpose of buying small poultry.

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