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Government Officials from the China Association for NGO Cooperation Visited ARDY to Investigate the Organization's Work

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  On November 8th, a consultant from the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), Dan Zhong Cheng, an administrative assistant from the public relations department, Liu Tong Xi, and the director of the public relations department, Liu Yang Yang, visited ARDY to investigate the organization's work.

As part of the investigation, the visitors sought to understand the details of ARDY's model for poverty alleviation and microfinance, its mutual fund groups, and its management practices. ARDY's Secretary- General Gao Xiang Jun was available to answer any questions they had and to engage in a productive exchange with them, as they investigated the organization. Dan Zhong Cheng gave full recognition to the organization's success in recent years. In the afternoon, the three visitors, accompanied by ARDY staff, went to the branch at Zhou He. The CANGO visitors used this visit and their discussions with farmers as a way to do on-site market research to help gain more information about building a mutual fund group in Yu Lan village.

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