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Zhang Sheng from Wokai Visits ARDY to Inspect Work and Provide Leadership

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  From November 8th to 17th, Wokai Project Manager Zhang Sheng visited ARDY to inspect work and provide leadership. He met with the ARDY staff responsible for the Wokai project in order to provide training about how to use the project management sections of the Wokai website. Zhang Sheng was able to successfully answer the detailed questions asked by the ARDY staff. He also conducted interviews with the staff in charge of the project. These interviews were constructive for all involved parties.

From the 10th to the 14th Zhang Sheng visited the branches where the Wokai project operates, Zhou He and Fu Xing, and inspected the program's operation. He also personally visited the houses of Wokai microfinance clients to interview them and follow up with them about their experiences.

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