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ARDY Invites Financial Leaders to Visit and Draft a Microfinance Development and Financial Plan for 2010

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From November 18th to 23rd, Hong Kong born Tammy Lam, from Rural Impact Professionals (Ripro), visited ARDY and led the organization in developing a development and financial plan for 2010. She was accompanied by a financial analyst expert from Rabobank. ARDY benefited greatly from their professional skills and assistance and together they drafted a 2010 microfinance development plan and a financial plan. In addition to preparing these plans, they also worked around the clock for five days to produce templates, which ARDY will be able to use in future years to produce more plans up to the same high standards. Moreover, because most of ARDY's staff do not have formal financial training, Ms. Lam gave up her free time to teach the staff about financial theories and planning, as well as providing financial vocational training. After the end of the training, all of the ARDY employees had a much deeper understanding of financial theories and operations. The entire organization is extremely grateful to Ms. Lam for sharing her expertise and for her hard work and dedication.

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