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YouChange Poverty Alleviation Begins a Collaborative Project in Yilong

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   From November 26th to 29th three members from YouChange, part of the China Social Entrepreneur Fund, visited ARDY to investigate establishing a cooperative program. The three who attended were Project Director Wang Xiang, volunteer Wang Xiao Yan, and Zhang Hong Juan. Director Wang made this journey to begin the establishment of a YouChange Poverty Alleviation project in Yilong to help aspiring young people who are interested in rural development and public welfare undertakings. At their meetings, Secretary-General Gao discussed ARDY's plans for the volunteer center, presenting the organization's initial sketches and exchanging ideas with Director Wang about the project's construction and execution. ARDY's staff accompanied director Wang to various branch offices where the YouChange representatives conducted field visits, talking with branch staff and interviewing mutual fund group managers, and learning about ARDY's development model.
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