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ARDY raises donations for Haiti earthquake

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            Upon hearing about the earthquake in Haiti, ARDY and the YouChange volunteer group held a fundraising exercise, referred to as “Love Beyond Borders”, on the 18th of January in 2010. A total of 24900 Yuan was raised—20000 Yuan from the organization, 4200 Yuan from the staff and 700 Yuan from the YouChange volunteer group. The donation was handed to the International Red Cross for the Haiti earthquake as a token of friendship, reflecting ARDY’s empathy for the plight of the earthquake victims.

            The organization and YouChange volunteer group also finalized the following week’s work plan. Both the staff and volunteers committed to help raise awareness about the Haiti earthquake in the community, as well as go into the villages to set up mutual fund groups and provide skills training.



Donation name list:


Gao Xiangjun500 rmb    Li Shibing200 rmb     Cao Daiyong200 rmb 

Liao Congyuan200 rmb    Niu Min200 rmb     Liu Houqiong200 rmb

Chen Shuhua200 rmb    Zhang Youchang: 200 rmb     Liu Baiyun200 rmb

Zhang Liping200 rmb    Deng Huimin200 rmb    Tan Xianxiu200 rmb

Zhang Yuzhen200 rmb    Zhu Jianhua200 rmb     Zhurong200 rmb

Lin Pinjin200 rmb    Wang Bangbi200 rmb     Chen Jing200 rmb

Zhou Yuqing200 rmb    Li Changde100 rmb    Qi Jiaqin100 rmb

Cao Guojun100 rmb    Qiu Quan100 rmb     Rao Sheng100 rmb

Wang Bo100 rmb    Liu Zheng100 rmb     Li Xue100 rmb

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