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Project officials from International Red Cross arrive at ARDY to check on project progress

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On the 20th of March, International Red Cross Project Coordination Department Director Fu Yang and his delegation arrived at ARDY to check on the progress of the “5.12” earthquake project supported by International Red Cross.                       

  ARDY’s Secretary-General Gao Xiang Jun provided a detailed presentation on the project progress. After the inspection delegation audited the project accounts, they then traveled to the project site (Dayin Town Liping Village) to check on the reconstruction progress and engage in a dialogue session with the locals.   

 In addition to the reconstruction work, ARDY’s efforts to promote biogas infrastructure and develop cooking facilities for the village school were recognized on several levels. Director Fu gave an enthusiastic appraisal, emphasized by much praise from the villagers. Lastly, Director Fu and his delegation surveyed the rural cooperative that ARDY has helped to set up in the Dengbao Village of Yilong County.


Director Fu and his delegation in a discussion with Secretary-General Gao at ARDY’s headquarters

Director Fu and his delegation at a dialogue session with the local villagers at Da Yin Town Li Ping Village

Director Fu and his delegation inspecting the village school at Li Ping Village

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