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Plan for Daily Work Ethics in ARDY

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In order to support and strengthen the headquarters’ management and control, the Association joined the upper and lower divisions, creating a system with a clear structure and detailed duties. The new system will raise work effectiveness and worker’s sense of responsibility. The management system has been formulated according to the duties, requirements, and special tasks designated by the headquarters to evaluate each department:


First, there are awards given based on the weight percentage of the work of different positions in accordance with their responsibilities, requirements, and implementation.


Second, each staff member must score his/her own self-proficiency every month and send it to the head of his/her department every quarter. Every quarter, all members will also participate together as a council in a comprehensive evaluation of the quarter. Evaluation is based on a collective score, of which: 40% comes from the individual, 40% from the council, and 20% from the Secretary General.

Third, the total scores from the comprehensive evaluation of the positions reflect thee quality of their work and consequently determine the amount of money to be awarded to the staff members.

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